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If you are interested in becoming the exclusive sponsor of a specific text-based sponsor link or banner advertisement on one of the XODP Web Guides, please feel free to e-mail sponsorlinks@xodp.org. However, please be advised that due to the constant shifting of search engine rankings, XODP cannot guarantee that any XODP Web Guide will receive any traffic whatsoever. Moreover, exclusive sponsors must be prepared to pay XODP in advance and spend a minimum of $500.00 per year to target a specific search term. Finally, XODP reserves the right to cancel or refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason whatsoever with or without notice.

For potential XODP sponsors who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not wish to spend at least $500.00 per year in advance to sponsor a specific keyword, with no guarantee of receiving any referral traffic whatsoever, XODP partners with various third parties and affiliate programs that serve most of the keyword-driven sponsor links that appear on the XODP Web Guides. However, please be advised that XODP does not assume any liability for disputes between prospective sponsors and these third-party affiliate programs.

  • Searchfeed.com
    With an initial investment of $25.00, Web site owners can begin leveraging Searchfeed.com's existing network of over 7,000 affiliates to reach millions of unique visitors every day. Keyword bids start at $0.01 per click through, and Searchfeed.com provides instantaneous feedback in real time as well as an extensive suite of tools for planning and managing keyword-driven promotional campaigns. Searchfeed.com's keyword-driven search results are ideally suited to the text-based sponsor links featured in the XODP Web Guides However, Searchfeed.com does not support banner advertisements, and neither XODP nor its sponsors has much control over which sponsor links are actually displayed on the XODP Web Guides.

  • clickXchange.com
    clickXchange.com gives advertisers totally granular control over their promotional campaigns by supporting six affiliate commission structures, a wide variety of advertising formats -- including the text-based sponsor links and banner advertisments used in the XODP Web Guides -- and the option of approving individual affiliate applications for each advertisement that an advertiser chooses to run. Even after approving individual affiliate applications, clickXchange advertisers can review detailed logs of Web traffic for possible fraudulent activity before approving the payment of compensation to clickXchange affiliates. Even so, advertisers must pay a *minimum* of $500.00 to access the clickXchange affiliate network, with half of that fee being deducted immediately as a network access fee, a 30% commission on all compensation paid out to advertisers, and a monthly minimum of $42.00 being deducted from the remaining balance whether or not an advertiser actually runs any advertisments.

All text-based sponsor links included in the XODP Web Guides are clearly labeled as sponsor links, and only one text-based sponsor link appears in a particular XODP Web Guide in a section labeled "Sponsored Link" that is inserted immediately below the section of the guide where the introductory blurb normally appears. Sponsor links that take the form of banner advertisements are placed at the bottom of the XODP Web Guides in which they appear, immediately above the XODP copyright notice. Click-through rates on individual sponsor links range from a low of 0.4% for untargeted banner links to well over 50% for keyword-driven text-based links, with the average click-through ratio being about 5%.

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